In July 2020, after extensive consultation with our people and stakeholders, we formally adopted a set of values for our organisation that represent and underpin who we are and what we stand for.

Our four values help us to align our daily actions with a common purpose and a shared understanding of what should guide our behaviour. All MSD people are committed to living our values.


We care about the wellbeing and success of people

We look after the dignity of others through the expression of manaaki, to lift and nurture the mana of others through simple acts of respect and aroha. Aroha is the extension of manaaki and can be shared and reciprocated. We value our people and understand the importance of their contribution. Helping people, whānau, families and communities is at the heart of what we do.

This design is the interconnected relationship of the organisation and the community. The koru are reflections of one another.


We are inclusive and build belonging

Whānau can be defined in many ways. In a personal context, whānau can begin with a person who expresses their individuality within their own whānau community, and extend to a support network of family, close friends, associates and social groups with the intention of being inclusive and purposeful. Whānau encourages the uniqueness of each individual to emerge, to embody a sense of value and contribution that supports and strengthens collective aspirations. Our work is shaped by the wisdom and lived experiences of whānau.

The koru and puhoro are symbols of the strength of whānau and whakapapa. The mangōpare design in the middle is the common thread that binds us to Papatūānuku.

Mahi tahi

We work together, making a difference for communities

Mahi tahi is the overarching concept that represents the collective efforts of our people, who are passionate and committed to helping New Zealanders to be safe, strong and independent. We understand that mahi tahi guides a higher purpose (kaupapa); that no individual is bigger than the kaupapa; and that we can express mahi tahi in meaningful, mana-enhancing ways through establishing and cultivating strong relationships and enabling the strengths of the collective. Mahi tahi exemplifies these attributes.

This design comes from rauru, a design that can reflect the separation of Ranginui and Papatūānuku as a result of their children working together.

Tika me te pono

We do the right thing with integrity

Tika me te pono is about doing right by New Zealanders in a way that is fair, just, genuine and sincere. Doing what is right, with integrity, is about leading by example through honesty and trustworthiness. We are accountable for our actions and perform our roles in a manner that demonstrates a spirit of service to whānau, families and communities. There is no higher purpose than service to others.

This design depicts a maunga, the sense of a higher purpose and responsibility of the organisation to be honest and trustworthy. The bindings of the maunga are the many threads needed to achieve this.