Ka whakahaere mātou i ngā hangarau ki te tautoko i tā mātou urupare ki ngā hiahia o te iwi We manage technology to respond to people’s needs

In the past year we have continued work on improving the reliability and resilience of our infrastructure and investing in keeping our systems current. As part of our COVID-19 response we accelerated our work on improving digital channels for clients, as well as remote working and collaboration services for staff. Our key focus has been on meeting immediate COVID-19-related and legislative demand while managing risk and creating enduring value from investments.
Having fit-for-purpose technology is fundamental to delivering the shifts in Te Pae Tawhiti and the successful delivery of outcomes for New Zealanders.

It will enable us to connect more effectively with our clients, our partners and other social sector members, support us to streamline or simplify our systems and processes, and enhance the client, staff and partner experience. We are making better and smarter use of technology, but we will need to build on this to deliver a better, more accessible service for our clients.

Creating a fit-for-purpose welfare system will require more than keeping our current systems online: it will require a fundamental change to simplified and streamlined systems that improve the digital experience for users through reducing barriers and making social services more accessible.

We are refining our technology strategy to ensure it is aligned with our future vision for the way we deliver services to clients. Key focus areas of the strategy include delivering improved experience for clients, partners and staff, enabling greater flexibility in our core systems, maintaining system security, and improving responsiveness to meet changing needs. We are ensuring alignment with the all-of-government Strategy for a Digital Public Service, and delivering a better experience and outcomes for New Zealanders.